There are a lot of reasons your grass may not be as green as you would like it to be.


As a professional lawn care company, we see thousands of lawns in a variety of conditions and regularly advise our customers about how to improve the appearance of their lawns. If you want to get your lawn looking lush green and healthy we are always happy to help you.

Below are 5 tips on how to improve the look of your lawn so it looks lush green and healthy.


1. Mow your lawn correctlyMowing-lawn

Lawn owners do not always cut their lawn at the right height. Cutting your lawn too short will cause your grass leaves to appear less green, this happens because by cutting it too short you will reduce the depth of water conserver and lawn soil conditioner for your grasses root system. When your lawn starts growing mow it often but only remove 1/3 of the grass blade each time. Just as important is making sure you sharpen your lawn mower blades at least once or twice a year.

2. The right FertilisationLawnscience Technician Standard Treatment

If you only fertilise your lawn twice a year it just won’t be enough. You should aim to apply and evenly distribute a good Fertiliser throughout the year. A great lawn care company will incorporate Fertilisation into a lawn care programme for you and will do this 4 – 5 times a year from Spring time until late Autumn. By applying Fertiliser evenly it will help to improve the overall colour of your lawn and will help to thicken it up. If you are unsure about how and what to use when your lawn needs help, just give us a ring we can arrange to visit your lawn and inspect your lawn’s condition.

3. Watering your lawnWater Conserver for your lawn

Lawns are living plants, consisting of over 85% water, therefore they need water to survive and to look lush green. For the majority of the year they will receive sufficient water from the soil and rain, however during dry periods it may be necessary to provide additional water by irrigation. You will notice if your lawn’s moisture reserves becoming depleted as the grass colour will develop a bluish tint and become dull and it will lose its ability to spring back after being walked on. This is the time to water. When it starts to turn straw like it is a sign that it is starting to enter a dormant state through lack of water.

Your lawn needs approximately 1 – 2 inches of water each week in the hotter months and more if it is exceptionally hot. Be sure to properly water your lawn to keep it green and growing throughout the year. You could consider a Lawn Water Conserver Treatment which will help in the hotter months of the year.

4. Watch out for Lawn Insects and DiseasesLawn Pest Damage in lawn

Insect damage from Chafer Grubs and Leatherjacket Grubs can cause your lawn to brown quickly, and in some cases ruin your lawn completely. There are also some Lawn Diseases that will cause your lawn to go straw like and patchy. Pest infestations and Lawn Diseases will not only make your lawn look unsightly, but if they are not addressed some areas of your lawn will die off and require re-seeding if they do not recover.

5. Poor Soil conditionSoil Conditioning

A great, healthy and green lawn is only as good as the soil it is growing in. If you want to help your lawn look its best, looking after the root zone, where the roots of your lawn live, is one of the best investments you can make. The condition and efficiency of your lawn’s roots play a major role in the health and appearance of your lawn.

By adding organic matter to your lawn whenever you can it will improve the soil. A regular application of a Lawn Soil Conditioner will definitely help by feeding the billions of beneficial bacteria which exist within your lawn’s root zone, resulting in an increase in the microbial population. Microbes improve nutrient turnover which leads to a significant increase in root mass. An added benefit is the reduction in the effectiveness of pathogenic soil fungi which can be harmful to the health of your lawn and its appearance.

Getting your lawn looking green isn’t as easy as you may have thought. Don’t worry, we can help. If you would like to discuss your lawn’s condition and appearance or other issues it may have, one of our lawn care professionals will be happy to talk to you and arrange a FREE lawn review service.