As a professional lawn care company, we take care of thousands of our customer’s lawns and we get asked all types of questions. One of the most common questions we get asked is “What if it rains after a lawn treatment has been applied to my lawn?” It’s a fair question. When you hire a lawn care company to take care of your lawn you quite rightly want to feel confident and assured that the company is going to do the best for you and your lawn and apply lawn treatments that will be effective. Nobody wants to have their hard earned money thrown away by paying for lawn care treatments that will not work effectively.

A great lawn care company will want exactly the same assurance for you and your lawn as well.


Lawn care can be impacted by weather. Knowing when to apply lawn care treatments in order for them to resolve the issues your lawn has can be challenging. It may be that the rain is heavy during Spring and Autumn or the Winter is long and pushes lawn care schedules back. A great lawn care company will have experience in these challenges and will take weather changes into consideration. It is about making the right decision whether to go ahead with a treatment so it is best for the customer and their lawn.

Days that have heavy and consistent rain all day will not be great days for treating lawns. That is one of the reasons why Lawnscience will not schedule your treatment day weeks in advance, because we know the weather is changeable. On days like these, as a professional lawn care company we may have to cancel some treatments and arrange another day with our customers.

Before we assume lawn care treatments will be ineffective, it’s important to understand how lawn care products work. Lawn care products come in one of two forms, liquid and granular.

what if it rains after a lawn treatmentLiquid Products: Products used for broadleaf weed control are often applied in a liquid form. This will be sprayed from a hand-held spray gun. Any reputable weed control will be labelled with restrictions of watering and/or precipitation. This type of product is effective only if they have a chance to dry on the leaf tissue. If the weather conditions are at a warm temperature and low in humidity, this will happen quite quickly, say in about 15 minutes. On days that the weather forecast has predicted rainfall, a great lawn care professional will add a surfactant material to their weed control tanks. This material will act as a sticker, which will help the liquid product stay on the leaf tissue even in the event of rain.


what if it rains after a lawn treatmentGranular Products: Products such as Fertilisers, Insect controls and fungicides are most often used in a granular form. These small pellets will only do their job effectively if they are able to dissolve. Rain is often needed to get down into the turf grass and into the soil. A granular product can work even if it rains for some time. The granular pellets will usually sink in rather than float and therefore able to get down to where they work best, in the grass root mass and thatch.

Just remember that if a lawn treatment is put down on the day but it doesn’t rain for a couple of days and then pours down, it will be the same as if it rained immediately after the treatment and your lawn treatment will be fine.

Whenever a lawn treatment has been applied to our customer’s lawns, say for example a Weed Control, we will ask them to take a look at the area after approximately 10 days after the treatment and if the area seems to be unaffected, we are always happy to return to the lawn and carry out the treatment again. It is important to us that our Customer’s are happy and satisfied with the lawn care treatments applied to their lawns.

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