“My lawn’s colour looks awful because my lawn care company burnt it” and other lawn care Myths

As a professional lawn care company we visit thousands of lawns. Lawn owners often frustrated with their own DIY efforts or with the lawn care company that they use. Quite often they have already thought of the answers as to why their lawn isn’t looking its best – But we want to expose these myths for you


5 Popular Lawn Care Myths


5 Lawn care myths1. My lawn’s colour is awful because my lawn care company burned it.
This could be true, but most often it is not. There are many factors that influence the colour of your lawn. If your lawn isn’t beautiful healthy and green it could be because of poor fertilisation, lack of moisture, lawn diseases, insect damage, or low soil pH .

A great lawn care company will visit your lawn and inspect your lawn’s condition before applying any treatments. If they have treated your lawn incorrectly they should resolve these issues for you for FREE. With a proper lawn care Treatment Programme throughout the year your lawn will soon be looking beautiful green and healthy.

thatch in lawn


2. If I don’t collect the grass clippings after mowing my lawn will have a thatch issue.
Thatch naturally occurs in lawns. No matter whether you use a mulching mower or you bag the clippings yourself. There are number of factors that will cause your lawn to develop thatch. If your lawn’s soil pH is too high or too low, or it lacks good organic materials, or your soil is compacted, these factors will contribute to thatch.

If you are leaving grass clippings in excess on your lawn then it probably means you are not mowing frequently enough. By doing this you prevent your grass from receiving good photosynthesis. Grasses contain chlorophyll, which gives plants their green colour. Chlorophyll enables the process of photosynthesis whereby a plant produces the food (carbohydrates) it needs to function using energy from sunlight, the air and water from the soil. Mowing more frequently using a mulching blade actually will make your lawn look better and provide organic compost that these micro-organisms thrive in.

broad leaf dock weed3. I can’t get rid of weeds because my neighbour’s lawn is full of them.
You can’t necessarily blame your neighbour for weeds in your own lawn. You are in control of your own lawn and can control unwanted weeds. See more about Weed Control here. By mowing your lawn correctly, fertilise it regularly, and take care of any other issues your lawn may have, you will be surprised at how you can achieve a beautiful healthy weed free lawn that you dream of despite your neighbour’s neglect. If you want the hard work and effort taken away for you then contact us for a FREE no obligation lawn review.


Chafer-Grub-Damage4. I don’t need a Grub treatment for my lawn – I haven’t seen Grubs in years.
A great lawn care company will provide curative and preventative treatments for your lawn. Insect damage is unpredictable at times. Do you really want to risk your lawn being eaten by Chafer Grubs or Leatherjackets only to find you need to replace your whole lawn which means hundreds of pounds in repair or replacement lawn costs? Treating your lawn with a preventative Grub Control treatment will keep damage from happening. In this case we believe BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.


Llawnscience beautiful lawn5. I have regular lawn care – my lawn should always look good.

It’s true that lawn care treatment programmes do a great job for your lawn. They will kill weeds, provide great nutrition, controlling lawn pests, but there are often issues your lawn care may have that are unexpected. 


If you use a lawn care company to maintain your lawn throughout the year they should always conduct a thorough review of your lawn and its condition, in order that any recommendations are beneficial to your lawn. They will need to get to the core of any issues and not just treat symptoms. By getting your lawn into a healthy condition it will be more receptive to treatments applied.

A great lawn care company will take every care and attention to making sure your lawn looks lush green and healthy. Understanding its condition and how to resolve issues it may have. You should feel confident that they will use and apply products correctly and effectively and just as importantly understand clearly what options are available for you and your lawn. Dispelling any Myths!

So why wait, stop worrying about what issues your lawn has, contact us now or book a free call back to receive our FREE, no obligation Lawn assessment and you’re on your way to creating your Beautiful Lawn.