Rusty Orange Dust On Your Lawn?

If you are looking at your lawn’s grass and it appears to be straw coloured, it may not be down to the dry weather………your lawn may be infected with Rust.


So what is Rust?


Rust is a common fungal disease found in lawns and is usually caused by Puccini or Uromyces fungi. The disease will favour mild wet or humid weather conditions usually around early Summer through to late Autumn.

Rust can be identified by the pustules that break through the surface of the leaves of grass in your lawn which then cause them to turn orange to brown. These pustules will contain thousands of spores which spread this lawn disease.

Rusty orange dust on your lawnAs a professional lawn care company, we often get lawn owners contact us who are concerned about the look of their lawn and the orange dusty substance found on their lawn, lawn mower and footwear after walking on their lawn. This is a sure sign that they have Rust. Rust is a lawn disease or fungi and is most noticeable during dryer conditions as the rain is not washing the grass plants off on a regular basis.

Early signs of Rust


Your grass plants will have a yellowish flecking of it’s leaves which then get larger resulting in a look of rusty iron. When the grass plants become infected and the plants come into contact with your skin, lawn mowers, clothing etc this rusty looking dust is telling you that something isn’t right in your lawn.

Rusty orange dust on your lawn?How bad can Rust be for my lawn?


In the majority of cases this lawn disease will not kill off your lawn. However chronic Rust problems may weaken your grass plants making them much more susceptible to other stress-related issues for your lawn.

We visit thousands of lawns in all kinds of conditions. We know that Rust will occur on lawns that are deficient in nitrogen. This is most common at the end of the Summer season. In the Spring time your lawn is at it’s peak growing period, and it will be using up a large amount of nutrient sources. To replenish these resources, we don’t recommend applying a high amount of nitrogen to lawns during the Summer as it can be an issue if you have other lawn diseases. A great lawn care company will fertilise lawns in late Summer or early Autumn.

If you are unsure about your lawn’s condition and think you have lawn diseases why not take advantage of our FREE lawn review service? Contact us for more information.

Adding fertiliser to your lawn at the correct time, along with much needed rainfall in early Autumn will help the issues your lawn has with Rust. As your grass roots develop they will push out the growth with any Rust on it and it will eventually get cut off by mowing. Also, as the weather conditions change and temperatures drop, Rust will not have the type of environment it likes to thrive in.

If your Rust infection is severe then an application of specific Fungicide for lawn disease control will be needed. If you are unsure about Fungicides and how best to apply them we recommend you contact your local lawn care professional. They will be able to advise you on the safe handling and correct application of Fungicides. We believe that a regular fertilisation of your lawn throughout the year is the best way to provide the necessary nitrogen your lawn requires and maintain your lawn’s condition with a great lawn care treatment programme, which will address other lawn diseases.

If you suspect your lawn is infected with Rust or you are concerned about any other lawn issues, just contact us. One of our fully trained lawn care professionals will arrange a FREE lawn review service for you and your lawn. After carrying out an inspection of your lawn’s condition they will identify any issues it may have and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. At Lawnscience we love lawns and we will take great care of your lawn for you.