The Benefits of Top Dressing

Top Dressing is a great way to improve your lawn’s condition. Top Dressing a lawn is the application of a high quality mixture of graded sand and loam/soil to the surface of a lawn to improve soil conditions and lawn health. This is done by using a drag mat over the lawn applying a thin layer of this mixture. Having Top Dressing applied on a regular basis will greatly improve the health and appearance of a lawn and much improve your soil’s condition.

Another great reason to apply Top Dressing is to smooth out undulations in your lawn’s surface. The type of material used depends upon the depth of the undulations. Where there are small undulations a quality mixture of graded sand and loam/soil can be applied. This allows the current grass to be able to grow through the Top Dressing. When the undulations are more substantial a soil Top Dressing would be much more suitable with new seed being applied after the Top Dressing.

All lawns are different and a lawn is only as good as the soil that it is growing in.


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If you see a lawn with beautiful, healthy and lush green grass it most likely has had some great quality Top Dressing applied.


Top Dressing is a proven way to improve the quality of your lawn’s root zone resulting in:


Increasing Microbial Activity – Microorganisms will exist in great soils and they will help with the uptake of essential nutrients, making nutrients available for the grass plants that make up your lawn. These microorganisms can also help break down the Thatch layers that have developed by decomposing it.

Soil Conditioning Improve Soil Condition – A great healthy lawn will no doubt have quality soil beneath it. Ideally it will have between 7″-12″ of top soil, which is rich in organic matter. The soil structure won’t have too much sand or clay in it. This ideal condition will develop fibrous grass roots that will grow at least 7″-12″ down, this helps them find the much needed moisture when there are drought conditions. Because the soil will be well-drained it will deter the grass roots from decomposing in a water-logged environment.

Intensify Seed Germination – When Top Dressing follows a core Aeration and an application of Over-seeding, the germination of the seed will be intensified. This process covers the new grass seeds, retaining moisture and providing great contact between the soil and seeds helping them to root.

When is the best time to Top Dress a Lawn?


Basically lawns can have an application of Top Dressing nearly any time during periods of grass growth, which is usually between April – October. Traditionally a great Lawn Care company will apply Top Dressing during late Spring and early Autumn, as part of a great lawn care programme.

After a Top Dressing has been applied your lawn may appear to look slightly off colour and dirty. Don’t worry……this is down to the thin layer of mixture applied but it will settle into your lawn’s grass, especially after rainfall or manual irrigation.

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