Leaves and Lawn Treatments

Autumn can be a beautiful time of the year, with trees and landscapes looking spectacularly colourful. For some lawn owners however this can also be a frustrating time as leaves will fall from trees onto lawns creating extra work in the garden on a daily basis.

While leaves can be excellent mulch or compost it is not recommended that they remain intact on your lawn for long periods of time. Leaves lying on your lawn will reduce the much needed light and air circulation that is needed for a healthy lawn. Your lawn will also be susceptible to lawn disease attack and damage from lawn insects.

raking leaves on lawnA regular raking of leaves can be composted or mulched for flowerbeds. Alternatively if you are mowing your lawn at this time of the year it is recommended that you have a good mulching mower that will shred the leaves into tiny pieces which are much less of a threat to the health of your lawn.

Whether you take care of your lawn yourself or you use a professional lawn care company like us at Lawnscience, you may be wondering if the quality treatments being applied will be adversely affected by the amount of leaves on your lawn and your clean up efforts.

Autumn is an ideal time for lawn care treatments. Lawns that were stressed from the Summer will benefit from a quality Fertiliser treatment which will replenish much needed nutrients in the soil resulting in stronger grass roots. Weed Control at this time of the year is also ideal to get rid of unwanted weeds such as Clover and broadleaf weeds.

Our lawn care professionals offer a FREE lawn review and as part of the review they will inspect your lawn before applying any treatment, this will ensure that they will only apply products that will benefit your lawn at the right time.

We visit thousands of lawns and see all types of lawn conditions, if you are concerned about your regular lawn care treatments in Autumn and how leaves can affect your lawn care just contact us. We can take the hassle out of lawn care for you and provide you with the quality lawn care you and your lawn deserve.