If you find yourself staring out at your lawn in frustration, thinking about how one Summer could have turned your lawn into a blanket of weeds….. you aren’t alone.


We get many calls from lawn owners at this time of the year looking for help, when they realise their lawn is not in great shape. Many have tried DIY lawn care which haven’t delivered the results they hoped for or perhaps the lawn care company they hired didn’t do the best job. Either way, nobody wants to be faced with a lawn full of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Weeds are inevitable – It’s how you control them that matters. It takes time and effort to address weed problems in your lawn and hard surfaces around your garden.



Don’t wait until Spring! – A big mistake is to wait until the Spring time to start working on your lawn. Autumn is the ideal time to work on and transform your lawn. At this time of the year weeds are diverting their energy to their expanding root system. As many weed varieties have already flowered they are now concentrating on their growth underground.

Weeds need to be controlled not only because they are unsightly, but because they also compete with other desirable grasses for light, water, space and nutrients which are needed in order for them to thrive.

Get selective when choosing Weed Control


There are no single herbicides that will provide control of all types of weeds. All herbicides contain more than one ingredient to cover a broader spectrum of weeds. Make sure you choose a weed killer that will effectively control the weeds you intend to remove.

If you are unsure what type of weed control to choose then just let us take the hard work and effort away for you, we can visit you and your lawn to discuss weed control and other lawn care issues you may have.

You can see more about our Services and what we can do for you here or just contact us, we provide a FREE lawn survey where one of our local lawn care professionals will arrange a visit with you to discuss any lawn care issues you may have and provide a solution that works for YOU and YOUR lawn.

A great lawn care company will treat weeds early enough in the Autumn which results in your weeds to be effectively eradicated …..and quickly.

For that lush green beautiful lawn in the Spring and Summer act now! We can help with Weeds, Over-Seeding and many other lawn care services that will get your lawn looking like one you will be proud of.  Just contact us, we will provide a FREE survey of your lawn and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider.