Are you seeing a lot of Moss in your lawn? Well, you are not alone. We have been seeing a lot of moss in our customer’s lawns this year and receiving a lot of phone calls from lawn owners not sure how to deal with their Moss invasion!

Moss can be one of the most persistent and annoying unwanted plants in your lawn. It will happily grow in weak and thin grasses and if your soil is low in pH with low fertility and compacted, then these too are ideal conditions for Moss to grow. Take a look around your lawn….. are there areas that are shady for at least half of the day or more and that get water logged at times? These too are ideal environments for Moss to grow in your lawn.

So what can be done?


Effective lawn care includes applying preventative and curative treatments. Creating the best growing environment for your lawn’s grasses to grow and flourish eradicating Moss, Weeds and Lawn Diseases will result in the lush green and healthy lawn you dream of.

However if you already have a lot of Moss in your lawn, you may have to take some drastic measures to get rid of it.

Here is a list of things you can do to improve conditions for your lawn:


Soil testingCorrect your soil’s pH and fertility: The pH level of your soil will greatly affect the fertility of soil and quality of plant growth. A regular application of the correct and seasonally balanced Fertiliser is essential to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. Throughout the year your lawn will need different quantities of specific chemical elements as these assist various processes which will naturally take place within your grass plants. A great lawn care company will provide fertiliser applications for lawns throughout the year as part of it’s annual treatments cycle. If you would like help and advice on pH testing and fertilisation, please contact us and one of our lawn care professionals will provide a FREE survey of your lawn and provide the right solution for you and your lawn. Just contact us.


Why is moss growing in my lawn?Get more sunlight to your lawn: You may have to prune or even cut down shrubs and trees that are stopping sunlight from getting to your lawn. Any species of grass will require at least 3 hours of direct sunlight every day, so if these areas are not getting that much light even after pruning or removing any shrubs or trees, you may need to find an alternative to having a lawn in these areas or accept that they will be covered in Moss.


Why is moss growing in my lawn?Relieve soil compaction: Soil naturally contains oxygen but over time it can become reduced due to soil settlement and compaction. Regular Aeration will improve any compaction your lawn has. Aeration creates tiny channels in your lawn’s root zone allowing oxygen to circulate and refresh the beneficial bacteria, which creates a healthier root zone. See more about Aeration here.


why is moss growing in my lawn?Mowing at the right height: At this time of year it is important to set your mower blades a little higher, a cutting height of at least 1 ½ inches, otherwise a low cut will remove the majority of healthy grasses and encourage Moss to grow. Mowing can continue into the Winter months as needed. However, if mowing is required try to ensure that it is done when the grass is dry.


why is moss growing in my lawn?Improve drainage: Lawns can become waterlogged if water sits on the surface and drains slowly away. Compacted lawns are more likely to become waterlogged. Insufficient drainage is an ideal environment for moss growth. You can improve drainage by using hand spiking tools such as a garden fork or for larger lawns an Aerator would be recommended. See more about Aeration here. Remember Moss loves damp and waterlogged areas in your lawn.


There are DIY products that are available that claim to control Moss. However as a professional lawn care company who visit thousands of lawns every year, we have not come across anything that makes an impact on Moss control to recommend any.

If you feel that the amount of Moss on your lawn is too much to handle, and then let us take the hard work away for you. Lawnscience provides a FREE lawn survey, where one of our professionals will visit you and your lawn and carry out an inspection of your lawn advising you of any lawn issues and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider. Don’t wait until Moss takes over your lawn completely, just contact us now.