Lawnscience Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Thinking of what to buy those special people in your life? We know it can be a bit of a struggle sometimes……but we have the ideal gift idea for you.

Buying Gift Vouchers solves a lot of gift buying problems. It will certainly give you back some much needed time to spend with your family and friends and will take away a lot of the stress.

Whether you buy Gift Vouchers for your family and friends or for yourself, you can relax in the knowledge that whenever you have any lawn care needs they will be taken care of by a true lawn care professional

At this time of year it’s definitely getting colder and we are often faced with heavy rain falls, high winds, frost and a risk of snow. Not the ideal conditions to be working outside in your garden. Don’t worry though, as there are not that many things do. Some pruning, winter protection and tidying up.

Don’t forget your lawn though and here are some tips for this time of year.


• Winter can have a detrimental effect on your lawn especially when wet or frosty. Try to keep foot traffic to a minimum. Remove any leaves that are covering your lawn – if they remain there they will smother your lawn and weaken the grass and it also provides the ideal winter shelter for unwelcome garden pests
• Some great lawn care treatments for this time of year are AERATION, SCARIFICATION, WINTER FEED, MOSS CONTROL, INSECT & PEST CONTROL
• See our 10 Great Tips on How to prepare your Lawn Mower for storage over winter
• If you want your lawn mower serviced by a professional, many will offer a discount if you get it serviced before Christmas – it’s always worth asking


Don’t forget to order your Lawn Care Gift Vouchers, just contact us before 18th December 2015 to make sure your Gift Vouchers are received in time for Christmas Day.




Lawnscience Vouchers can be used as full or part payment on any of our goods or services. Please have a browse through our website, it is quick and easy to find out what Services we offer. Don’t forget, if you don’t want to get outside in the cold to take care of your lawn, just let your local professional do this for you. Just contact us and we will take care of your lawn for you.

Lawnscience Vouchers can be spent at all Lawnscience outlets, please contact your local Lawnscience Professional to obtain details of UK coverage before purchasing.


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