Taking Care Of Your Lawn Over Winter

You will be happy to know that there is actually not much to do in your lawn at this time of the year.

However the few jobs you can do are important ones.


• Make sure leaves and other debris are removed from your lawn. By brushing away leaves and debris it will also remove any worm casts that have formed, this will reduce the risk of weeds and any invading moss from developing.

• Try to keep walking on your lawn to a minimum if Frost has settled on it. Heavy footsteps will crush the blades of grass which could result in grass dying off completely.

• Improve lawn drainage especially where water lies after a heavy rainfall or when any snow thaws away. Taking care of your lawn over winter

This can be done by using spiking these areas with a fork.

• If your lawn is made up of heavy clay or heavily compacted soil it will get waterlogged more easily. By Aerating the soil with a special hollow tined fork approximately 6 – 9 inches apart and then applying a sprinkle of coarse sand on any wet patches will help improve your lawn’s condition.

Take advantage of this quiet period in your garden. There are plenty of busy times ahead for lawn care.


As a professional lawn care company we are always looking ahead and planning great and effective lawn care programmes for our Customers, to ensure they have a fantastic lawn throughout the year.

If you want a great looking lawn but need some help, why not contact us now for your FREE, no obligation lawn assessment. A local lawn care professional to you, will visit your lawn and provide you with a full lawn survey and will advise of any lawn care issues or treatment programmes that will benefit your lawn and you!….Giving you even more time back to enjoy your lawn knowing it is in safe hands.

We hope you enjoy a happy, healthy and successful New Year!


Terry Nicholson and the team at Lawnscience