The first cut, or mowing of the year is an important time for you and your lawn.


In March, when the sun starts to warm up the soil, your lawn will slowly but surely start to grow and you will think it is time to make that first cut. However, be patient as that all important first cut should be made around 2 – 3 weeks after your lawn has sprouted.

TIME TO DUST OFF YOUR LAWNMOWER AND GET IT READY FOR YOUR LAWN’S FIRST CUTBefore mowing, give your lawn a good stiff raking with a regular lawn rake, this will help remove any surface thatch and help prepare the surface of the lawn for cutting. This is a good opportunity for you to take a good close look at your lawn as it may have some issues that need fixing in preparation for the Spring and Summer Months. If you are unsure what to look for we can visit your lawn and provide a thorough lawn survey, this is a FREE inspection of your lawn.

Here are a few… but very important steps to consider before you dust off your lawn mower, get it out of storage and start to mow your lawn.


You may have read our Blog 10 Great Tips on how to prepare your lawn mower for storage over winter. If you followed these tips then your lawn mower should be in great shape for it’s first outing this year.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to follow our tips about storing your lawnmower, as we have some more great maintenance tips here:


Check your lawnmower before mowing: Make sure it is clean from any debris.

Check that any screws are secure and tight.

Wipe underneath your lawnmower with a damp cloth to prevent any grass build-up. If you use a light oil you can help stop it from rusting.

Check the wheels making sure that they are moving freely. Tighten any bolts if they are loose.

Is the air filter grimy? If so, replace it and then check again each month.

Make sure the blade is good and sharp. If you don’t want to maintain your mower’s blade yourself, you can contact a local lawnmower company to do this for you. If your lawnmower’s blade is not sharp it will tear at your grass blades instead of giving them a sharp clean cut.

Petrol powered lawnmowers need to make sure the oil level and spark plugs are checked. Fuel can go stale over time so if you forgot to empty the petrol tank before you stored your lawnmower away for the Winter give it a good clean out and fill with new fuel.

Your lawn won’t appreciate a scalping the first time ….just take off a little. Make sure you aren’t scalping your lawn. No matter what time of year you are mowing. We advise taking of approximately 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. You can set your mower at its highest setting and see how that looks, then just adjust where necessary.

You shouldn’t wait too long for the second cut. The timing of this cut can be weather dependent but you can see how your grass is growing and judge when to cut again. Remember, the best practice is to only take off about 1/3 of the grass blade. It is not unusual in the Spring to have plenty of rainfall and this may mean that you mow more frequently, say every 3-6days. This will help create a good dense lawn and keep your lawn looking lovely, lush and green

If you are concerned about your lawn’s condition we can visit your lawn and carry out a thorough inspection to see if it has any issues. We can discuss a solution with you and we will get you on the way to a great, lush green lawn that you dream of.

Just contact us for a FREE no obligation lawn survey.  A great way to start the year off for you and your lawn.