Spring Feeding Lawns

Have you taken a look around your lawn recently? At this time of year our lawns may look like they need a bit of boost as they emerge from Winter dormancy.

An early Fertilisation for Spring will be beneficial for your lawn, as it will help increase your lawn’s much needed nutrients.

Before you consider applying a Fertiliser to your lawn it is important to have performed the first mowing of the Spring, as it will help stimulate your lawn’s growth and will be more receptive to some quality feeding after the Winter months.

Like all living organisms grass needs nutrients to survive and thrive. Soil will naturally provide some of the nutrients required for a great lawn, but most soils will not be able to provide the correct level of all of the required nutrients, this is when Fertilisation is necessary.

A regular application of the correct and seasonally balanced Fertiliser, is key to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. Throughout the year your lawn needs different amounts of specific chemical elements which will assist in the various processes that naturally take place within the grass plant.

A fertiliser containing Nitrogen and Magnesium is ideal for the early growth of your lawn and at the same time will improve your lawn’s colour. Alongside Fertilisation a selective herbicide can be applied to control early weed germination.

There are two main types of Lawn Fertiliser.

• Manufactured or Inorganic Fertiliser, where the nutrients are synthesised or manufactured. These fertilisers are normally more concentrated and provide quicker results
• Organic fertiliser. This type of fertiliser will be created from animal sources or plant nutrients. They tend to be slower acting as the material has to be broken down by organisms within the soil before the nutrients are available to the grass plants.

You can read more about Lawn Fertilisation here.


A great lawn care company will provide fertiliser applications for lawns throughout the year as part of its annual treatments cycle.

We visit thousands of lawns across the country and understand that no two lawns are alike. Your lawn may have a great deal of sun or it may have to deal with a lot of shade. There are lots of factors that make a huge difference in what your lawn needs to thrive and look healthy lush and green.

If you are unsure what Fertiliser to select or you want a fully trained lawn care professional to take the hard work away for you, just contact us and we can arrange a FREE on-site lawn survey with you.