Taking out a little aggression on your lawn can be a good thing

Preparing and maintaining a lawn can take quite a lot of effort, whether it is mowing, weeding or fertilising, your lawn will need quality care and attention to get it looking great. Sometimes though, we ignore the real important part of a lawn, the root zone. It’s in the root zone that the serious work takes place.

Great roots make great lawns. One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn’s roots are healthy is to regularly aerate your lawn.


Aeration improves the soil structure in which your roots live by introducing oxygen into the root zone, beneficial for soil microbes which play an essential role in the development and protection of your lawn’s root system.

There are two types of Aeration, solid core and hollow core, your lawn care professional will be able to advise you on the best option after they carry out an inspection of your lawn.

Benefits of aerationAeration creates tiny “air channels” within your soil. Your grass roots use these channels to grow down into the soil structure creating deep strong roots.

One of the secrets of creating and maintaining a quality lawn is down at the root zone. This is the area of soil up to six inches below the surface of your lawn. It is here that billions of beneficial microbes live. These microbes help your grass flourish by creating a healthy environment for the roots to grow.

In particular they:

1. Protect the root system from an attack from pathogens, which exist in the root zone and can cause root disease.

2. Help break down thatch, which clogs the lawn surface reducing the positive effects of fertilisation and watering.

The best way to help these beneficial microbes thrive is to supply them with oxygen and this is why we carry out a lawn Aeration on our Customers’ lawns.

Taking out a little aggression on your lawn, really can be a good thing. By punching thousands of holes in the surface of the lawn, it will drive oxygen down into the root zone which helps the beneficial bacteria thrive. Aeration may sound a little aggressive for your lawn, but done well, by a qualified lawn care professional, you will see great results and your lawn will reap the benefits of this great treatment, getting it on its way to looking lush, green and healthy. A lawn you will be proud of.

Aeration is a beneficial process to achieving a beautiful lawn, but most people don’t realise it or understand the process. If you think your lawn will benefit from Lawn Aeration or if you have any lawn care issues you are concerned about, just contact us. We will visit your lawn and provide a FREE on-site lawn survey. Our professionals will only apply treatments that will benefit your lawn.