When it comes to controlling and killing weeds in your lawn, Dandelions are certainly one of the most troublesome for gardeners who are trying to achieve the perfect lawn.  As a professional lawn care company our phones start ringing furiously in April, as lawn owners are looking for solutions to kill off the nuisance dandelions in their lawns.

A common perennial weed, the Dandelion (Taraxacum) can be found virtually anywhere in your garden in the Spring and Autumn.

Hard surfaces and grassed areas cannot escape these nuisance weeds.


After the Dandelion plant flowers, each bud will begin to develop seeds that are dispersed in the wind, by the much recognised hair-like and fluffly structures. Not only will the Dandelion propagate by sending seeds into the air, but they have a large rooting system that can grow up to 10 inches deep into the soil.

Dandelion seedsSuch a deep root makes the Dandelion difficult to control as it is capable of growing almost anywhere and is extremely resilient to all sorts of conditions.

When attempts are made to remove the root it is often simply broken off and each remaining part of the root will then send up to five new shoots which develop into new plants.  Gardeners often underestimate the time and effort it takes to control this weed.

As lawn care professionals we understand weed control.  Once we have identified the weed problems in a lawn, we apply a thorough application of liquid, selective herbicide, or weed killer, which will be effective in controlling the existing dandelions in your lawn.

As part of weed control it is important to apply herbicides safely and just as importantly at the right time.  In this case it is when plants are actively growing. If weed killers are applied in the wrong conditions you will simply be fighting a losing battle.

Part of controlling Dandelions and other weeds in your lawn is taking a look at your lawns condition.  A lawn that is in poor condition, thin grass roots and patchy areas, will always be more susceptible to weeds taking over.  Areas of your lawn that are thin or close to pavement edges will be more prone to weeds such as Dandelions, as these areas dry out more quickly, creating an ideal location for weed seeds to germinate.

If your lawn is thick, lush and healthy it will substantially reduce weed growth, in turn reducing the need for applications of herbicides.

Get proactive when it comes to controlling Dandelions and other weeds in your lawn. A good lawn care programme…… by a great lawn care company will include Aeration, Fertilisation and Over-seeding, which will get your lawn on its way to looking lush green, healthy and weed free…..especially those nuisance Dandelions.

Get Dandelion free this Spring


If you are frustrated with Dandelions or other lawn issues why not give us a call.  One of our local lawn care professionals will visit your lawn offering a FREE, no obligation lawn review service. As part of this they will inspect your lawn’s condition and identify any issues it may have and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider.

Is DIY lawn care a good idea?

In most gardens the lawn takes up the majority of the space and as most of us take a great deal of pleasure from our gardens, maintaining the look of our lawn is crucial. Thankfully, the work we put into our lawns gives us an almost immediate benefit, not many garden tasks reward us a instantly as seeing the results of a freshly mown lawn on a fine Summers day, but looking after all the needs of a lawn, can be frustrating to say the least. Many of the customers who start our lawn care service tell us they have wasted money, time and effort only to achieve poor results from DIY lawn care.

Regular comments we hear are:


“I’m really not sure what the issue is.”
Lawns can be frustrating if you are inexperienced in lawn care. A brown patch could be fertiliser burn, herbicide damage, drought stress, Leatherjacket damage, Chafer Grub damage, Fusarium, Red Thread or a compaction issue. It takes knowledge and experience in order to identify the issue and then prescribe the correct solution. If you are trying to resolve issues with your lawn and you are not sure of the true cause, you will waste time, effort and expense playing a guessing game.

“I don’t seem to be able to buy the professional quality products.”
DIY stores and garden centres sell an extensive range of lawn care products, but these are not the products professional lawn care companies use. All lawn care professionals should have the correct qualifications that enable them to purchase and apply commercial quality products which are far more effective than their DIY counterparts.

“I think that I have killed my lawn”
In lawn care, mistakes can be costly; using a “total” herbicide as opposed to a “selective” herbicide can easily result in your entire lawn being killed. Even using a poorly cleaned sprayer can have the same effect if it contains a small amount of “total” herbicide. Professionals protect against these risks by having separate spraying equipment, but at over £130 a sprayer this is a costly investment……which most house owners are not willing to make.

“I never seem to have the time”
In order to get the best results, timing is critical, which can be frustrating when it rains on the day you have put aside for applying herbicide or similar lawn treatment. A quality lawn care company will always take the risk out of applications by providing a guarantee of quality so you don’t have to worry.

At Lawnscience we are not saying that you cannot create and maintain a really great lawn yourself, but its an awful lot easier and quite often cheaper to let a professional take care of the complicated treatments leaving you more time to enjoy your garden. After all that is what its supposed to be about.

If you would like to free up your time and take the hassle out of looking after your lawn just call us. We will provide you with a FREE survey and consultation in order that you can make the right choice for you.