When Is The Best Time To Over-Seed my Lawn?

Sometimes your lawn can become thin and patchy. This may be down to excessive wear and tear, an insect or fungal attack, drought stress, or it just might need thickening up a little to make it look lush green and healthy again. This is when an application of seed can really make a difference. The process is called over-seeding and it helps to thicken and improve your lawn’s appearance.

When is the best time to seed my lawnWe visit thousands of lawns and we often get asked ” When is the best time to over-seed my lawn? ” If you over-seed your lawn at the wrong time, it can not only waste your time and money but can actually make things worse.

At Lawnscience we over-seed our customers’ lawns in Spring and Autumn. At these times of the year the ground temperature is warm enough for the seed to germinate and quite often the weather provides a little help with watering. We over-seed after a Scarification of the lawn has been carried out; this ensures that the soil surface is opened up sufficiently for the seed to make good ground contact.

There are other factors to consider when seeding your lawn


Your lawn may be shady or it needs to be more resilient to deal with children playing, or pets on your lawn. Or you may want a premium seed mixture to create a lush green lawn. Choosing the right seed mixture to compliment and improve your lawn can be a little daunting.

If you need help with deciding on what mix of seed to select, just contact your local lawn care professional as they will have a range of premium mixtures that will add new life to your lawn. Make sure that an inspection of your lawn is carried out first, so the best recommendation and solution for you and your lawn can be made.

Getting grass seed to grow can be a challenge, even when it is done correctly and at the right time. We would love to visit you and your lawn and provide the best solution to get that lush green and healthy lawn you dream of.

We offer a FREE review service of your lawn and will inspect its condition before any recommendations are made. Contact your local Lawnscience professional for help with seeding or any other lawn care issues you may have.