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Where do we begin?


We all want to achieve a beautiful, healthy, green and lush looking lawn. If you have just come out of hibernation……like many of us, it is now, in the Spring time that we start to look around our lawns and realise they most likely need some tender loving care and a bit of work to get it that way.

As a professional lawn company who visits thousands of lawns, we know that lawns come in all shapes and sizes and more importantly all types of conditions. We know it is important to first discover what condition your lawn is before any treatments or lawn care programme is recommended.

Family lying on lawnSo what is lawn care to you?


Lawn care means different things for different people. It’s not all about size and shape either. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your lawn, then you have come to the right place. You may want a safe, even and lush lawn for your family to enjoy and play on. You may have nuisance lawn problems with weeds, moss, lawn pests and lawn diseases.

No matter what you want out of your lawn……you may want to get the professionals involved now, because often DIY products just don’t achieve the results you want or need for your lawn.

Lawn owner worried about lawn issuesUnderstand your lawn’s condition


This is a great place to start, before starting the process of creating a beautiful lawn get down and dirty and check your lawn out! You may notice patches that need repairing or are rough and bare. There may be issues in your lawn that will impact on it’s health. To really understanding your lawn’s condition you may want to hire a lawn care professional who can carry out a scientific assessment. In the long run this will save you on expensive and ineffective DIY products, as a quality professional can advise you on products and treatments that will only benefit your lawn.

Keeping your lawn in good condition can be as simple as maintaining its nutrient requirements by applying a quality, regular annual fertilisation programme. However there will be occasions when your lawn needs a little more help and support. There are several problematic issues that lawns can suffer from such as weeds, thatch build up, soil compaction, moss development, fungal diseases, such as Rust and Fusarium as well as nuisance lawn and garden pest infestation….just to name a few.

Regular lawn care maintenance


A quality lawn care company will offer a full range of curative and preventative lawn treatments for all lawn conditions. Most companies will offer you a Standard, Premium and Organic option. These will be tailor made for you, your budget and your lawn. When you have chosen your lawn care treatment programme you should be able to leave the rest up to your lawn care company. Part of a great lawn care programme will incorporate seasonally adjusted fertilisers to provide the essential nutrients that your lawn needs to flourish as well as herbicides to control those unsightly weeds. Your lawn care professional can take the hard work out of Scarification, Aeration and Over-Seeding. Each time your lawn care professional visits your lawn you should make sure you receive feedback as to your lawn’s condition and they should make any additional recommendations if necessary, so you understand them.

Bad front lawnWhat’s so important about quality lawn care?


Over time, proper lawn care maintenance, resulting in a well maintained lush, green and healthy lawn can add real value to your home and give you a sense of pride.

A healthy lawn can improve your homes over all appearance and marketability of your home. You may be thinking “It’s just grass…surely”. Well think again, if your lawn begins to deteriorate from neglect and poor maintenance it will begin to have a poor and unloved appearance and this ultimately gives a poor impression and will result in more had work for you to put right. An established lawn that is healthy will help to prevent runoff and erosion of the topsoil on your lawn. If erosion occurs, your lawn can lose some of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Talking about lawn care may sound like a lot of effort and time to keep up with, after all many of us live very busy and lives. This is where you may consider looking for a quality Lawn Care Company who will specialise in all things lawn care. Getting the right lawn care specialist will provide you with all the support you need to develop the lawn you dream of.

Lawnscience have friendly, qualified professionals who will only apply treatments to your lawn that will be of benefit. So, if you want someone to deal with all your lawn care issues, just contact us now to receive your FREE, no obligation lawn assessment and you’re on your way to creating the beautiful lawn to dream of.




If you find yourself staring out at your lawn in frustration, thinking about how one Summer could have turned your lawn into a blanket of weeds….. you aren’t alone.


We get many calls from lawn owners at this time of the year looking for help, when they realise their lawn is not in great shape. Many have tried DIY lawn care which haven’t delivered the results they hoped for or perhaps the lawn care company they hired didn’t do the best job. Either way, nobody wants to be faced with a lawn full of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Weeds are inevitable – It’s how you control them that matters. It takes time and effort to address weed problems in your lawn and hard surfaces around your garden.



Don’t wait until Spring! – A big mistake is to wait until the Spring time to start working on your lawn. Autumn is the ideal time to work on and transform your lawn. At this time of the year weeds are diverting their energy to their expanding root system. As many weed varieties have already flowered they are now concentrating on their growth underground.

Weeds need to be controlled not only because they are unsightly, but because they also compete with other desirable grasses for light, water, space and nutrients which are needed in order for them to thrive.

Get selective when choosing Weed Control


There are no single herbicides that will provide control of all types of weeds. All herbicides contain more than one ingredient to cover a broader spectrum of weeds. Make sure you choose a weed killer that will effectively control the weeds you intend to remove.

If you are unsure what type of weed control to choose then just let us take the hard work and effort away for you, we can visit you and your lawn to discuss weed control and other lawn care issues you may have.

You can see more about our Services and what we can do for you here or just contact us, we provide a FREE lawn survey where one of our local lawn care professionals will arrange a visit with you to discuss any lawn care issues you may have and provide a solution that works for YOU and YOUR lawn.

A great lawn care company will treat weeds early enough in the Autumn which results in your weeds to be effectively eradicated …..and quickly.

For that lush green beautiful lawn in the Spring and Summer act now! We can help with Weeds, Over-Seeding and many other lawn care services that will get your lawn looking like one you will be proud of.  Just contact us, we will provide a FREE survey of your lawn and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider.



Get rid of unsightly weeds from your lawn today

Are ugly weeds taking over your lawn?


Ugly weeds can destroy your lawn. But don’t despair, there is an easy solution, contact Lawnscience today and we will arrange a FREE of charge, no obligation, survey of your lawn at a time suitable to you.

We will provide you with a plan to rid your lawn of weeds and advice on how to protect it from future attack.

If you decide to go ahead with our treatment plan, one of our qualified technicians will take the hassle out of maintaining your lawn, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the results.

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“I was about to tear up my lawn and completely re-turf it due to the invasion of weeds, moss and other nasties….your treatment started to show it’s effects after just days.”

Mr Gabb

“I Have been using Lawnscience for nearly a year now and it has transformed my lawn 100%. I had been using another well known lawn treatment company previously but they had failed to get all the weeds and moss out of my lawn. Lawnscience have restored my lawn to a perfect green haven. The service provided by Lawnscience is professional and yet personnal and each treatment is planned for your own personnal circumstances. I can highly recommend this service to anyone who wants a perfect lawn.”

Mr John

“After you gave it your first treatment it looked as if nothing was going to happen, then suddenly it all started to grow, we now have the most amazing, thick grass… for the first time in 20 years.”

Mrs Osbourne