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Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to have a beautiful lawn? It’s as easy as calling 01256 213000!

Lawnscience are a local company providing quality lawn care services to the Brighton Hill area. Treatments can be as little as £20 each, so why not contact me today and get the lawn you’ve been dreaming of! Get in touch for a FREE no-obligation survey today.

Do you have brown patches in your lawn perhaps the result of unknown issues with your lawn? Maybe you have noticed more weeds in your lawn that you would like? Have you tried DIY treatments with limited success, or maybe you just don’t have the time? I have a thorough understanding of the components of a healthy lush lawn, meaning I can provide you with treatments and lawn care services that can tackle known lawn problems and prevent future issues from taking hold.

Starting with your free lawn survey, I will suggest a course of action to you through a no-obligation quote that will put you on course to meet you lawncare objectives. All work is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you will get a free further lawn treatment if you aren’t fully satisfied with my results!

Treatments I can select for your lawn include: Fertiliser and Herbicides (‘feed and weed’); Scarification and Over-seeding; Spiking (Aeration both solid and hollow tine); Total Weed killing; Moss control; Top Dressings; Soil Conditioners; Water conservers; Fungal disease eradications.

A reliable service is guaranteed!

Prices can be as little as £20 a treatment, so why wait? Get in touch today!

For your FREE no-obligation survey, or general advice about your lawn, call me today on 01256 213000; Text LAWN to 07970 404495; or email me at