Calne Lawn Care

Terry Nicholson LawnscienceHi my name is Terry Nicholson and I own and operate Lawnscience in Calne.

I specialise in renovating lawns; especially those that are weed and moss ridden, ones that you think are beyond hope.

I use a combination of a moss treatment followed by scarification, over seeding and top dressing, added to regular fertilisation and weed control treatments to give the lawn all it needs to thrive.

Don’t worry, if you’re lucky enough to have a “normal” lawn that just needs weed control to eliminate grasses annual enemy and a good balanced fertilisation programme I can also help.

I also provide solid and hollow tine aeration, lawn pest control of Chafer Grubs and Leather Jackets and also treat a whole range of lawn fungal diseases such as Red Thread, Fusarium Patch and Rust.

Please call me today on Tel: 01908 504664 or Mobile: 07748 358009 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and get started to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.