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Hello, I’m Nigel Bishop of Lawnscience – North Hampshire, your local lawn care provider. I understand that no two lawns are the same, and to create a healthy growing environment for your grass you first need to understand its current condition. That’s why I supply a free lawn review for all new customers, allowing me to propose the bespoke treatment your lawn needs to turn it into the beautiful lawn that you deserve. I’m also proud to provide my 100% satisfaction guarantee…. if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, I’ll re-treat your lawn for free. So, contact me today on 01420 398000 and start your journey to a beautiful lawn!

Lawn care isn’t easy…. even once you have created the rich growing environment to enable healthy grass to grow, there can be a number of hidden issues that can prevent the results you are looking for. Unseasonal weather conditions, pests and diseases are just some issues that can frustrate the amateur lawn grower.

Customers in Chawton, Upper Farringdon, Lower Farringdon, East Worldham, West Worldham and beyond will receive a range of services tailored to their individual lawn requirements, including:

– Scarification & Overseeding
– Applying Fertilisers / Herbicides / Top Dressing / Soil Conditioners / Water conservers
– Hollow-tine or Solid-tine Aeration
– Moss and weed treatments
– Fungal disease eradication

New for 2019, I now can deal with any unwanted Wasp problems for you as well!

From me you’ll get a professional and pressure free service, with regular lawn reviews to ensure the best treatments for your lawn.

For your first step towards a beautiful lawn, look no further. Contact me today!

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