Why Choose Us

A lawn expert standing in front of Lawnscience vehicle

Our aim at Lawnscience is to be your first choice, local lawn care provider. That is why we select friendly professionals, train them well and motivate them to provide you with a quality lawn service.


We will always treat your lawns with the quality products.

We will advise you after each visit if we see any condition in your lawn that you should be aware of.

We will only offer you treatments which are relevant to your lawn’s condition and are beneficial.

We will diligently apply our products in a safe and professional manner.

We will resolve any disputes in a friendly and timely manner.

We will not ask you to sign any contract or make any payment before our work is completed, we trust you.

We unconditionally guarantee all our work.


If you would like further details please contact your local Lawnscience Office.