Clent Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceAre you tired of battling the moss in your lawn and think it’s a loosing battle? Well don’t worry as we are a Lawn Care company for Clent to help you win!
We provide a lawn care service for Clent, which is a tailored set of treatments designed to get the most out of your lawn in Clent, which can be difficult with the local hills to consider.
Lawn Care is an industry designed to help domestic lawns become just lush green grass, and not the three-way split a lawn can mostly be of Grass, Moss and weeds! We do not cut grass so are not a gardening service in the traditional sense of the word, so if you have a gardener we do not tread on their toes but help them as we use professional products used in Golf, Football and other sports environments which are not available in DIY stores or Garden Centres.
One of the problems with moss growth can be due to the damp environment as this is a great area for moss to survive and flourish! We have a solution to tackle moss so that it is kept at bay. The lawn treatments are a series of separate visits from us throughout the year with a nutrient-based feed which changes for different treatments as the grass requirements differ depending on the growing season. An additional benefit of several visits per year is we can identify if any issues have arisen and make recommendations so that the lawn is maintained to the highest standard.
I live locally and only work on lawns, so I know that everyone is different, which is why the treatment programme is designed to address your individual lawn and its specific
If you are looking for a simple solution to address your lawns needs in Clent, then please contact me at, or call me 01562 710 386 or mobile 0757 083 3000
and we can get to work.
Many thanks, Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Clent