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Lawnscience Epsom

Lawnscience EpsomLawnscience Epsom Lawn Care – 100% Quality Assured Local Lawn Care Treatments

If you are looking for high quality professionally provided lawncare services. Your local Epsom Lawnscience service provider is here to look after your every need and more.

If you want your lawn to be as healthy, green and weed-free as is practically possible and you want to achieve that goal as quickly and as painlessly as is practically possible you have found the ideal service provider.

We are ideally placed to advise and treat your lawns with a courteous, conscientious and unrushed approach that starts with a thorough, no obligation and free of charge lawn inspection, report and treatment plan recommendation.

Leisure time can be a rare commodity these days and we understand the relief you can experience when you wave goodbye to the complex decision-making process of which treatment is the right one, when should it be undertaken, what quantity is correct and whether you might harm your treasured shrubs or aquatic features. Lawnscience takes those challenges from you and magics them away, painlessly and efficiently.



You want to be assured of a cost-effective and long-lasting return on your outlay. At Lawnscience you will have that assurance. It is backed up by a no-quibble, no-nonsense GUARANTEE that every single treatment – whether it’s a one-off cry for help or part of our proven and trusted series of cumulative treatments – will produce visible improvement, or we’ll return to repeat the treatment at no cost to you – GUARANTEED.

Our year round comprehensive service will provide you with a tailor-made programme:-

In Spring the first treatment provides a balance of carefully selected nutrients to gently manage early growth. This is complemented by a full spectrum herbicide that will rid your lawn of 80-90% of the weeds that might have established themselves over the Winter season and which will provide on-going control against weed germination

Early Summer treatment for your lawn as it enters peak growth phase, involves our granular fertiliser and targeted weed killer

In late Summer we will monitor conditions and select the most appropriate granular or liquid feed to maintain colour and apply a spot weed treatment as appropriate

Autumn is when your lawn needs to be fed specifically to toughen it up in preparation for the coming Winter. Therefore the Autumn treatment has less Nitrogen and more Potassium

Our Winter treatment focuses on the control of moss, maintains a dark green colour and toughens the grass over the winter months

Our additional Services designed to repair any lawn issues include:

Moss Control




Top Dressing

Why not take the easy option and call 01372 285 100 or  07788 297719  today to arrange an immediate and no-obligation inspection and report on your prized lawn.

You’ve nothing to lose – call in the experts and spend more of your leisure time “doing leisure”.

We’re here to make your life easier.

A first class Company to deal with. Personal Service, reliability and quality of workmanship second to none.

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