How to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business

Thinking about starting a lawn care business? Here is everything you need to know — and why a lawn care franchise could be the secret to your success.

Lawn maintenance is a service many people require; after all, there is a lot more to lawn care than a simple bit of gardening. Weed removal, seeding and fertilisation are just a few examples of professional lawn care services which many people need for their gardens. This is why the industry is as popular as ever — and why investing in a lawn care business is worthwhile.

Of course, as well as the legalities involved in setting up a business, much time and planning are required. Comprehensive research and a business plan will be needed in order to succeed. If you’re starting in the lawn care industry from scratch and you feel apprehensive about your skills, opting to invest in a lawn care franchise may be the perfect option for you.

With that in mind, here are some key aspects to consider before starting a lawn care business.


Learning about Lawn Care


The first thing to do before starting a lawn care business is to learn about lawn care itself. If you’re looking for a career change after redundancy or want to start a new business to be your own boss, you’ll first need to make sure you know about the industry, including what skills and knowledge will be required.

Lawns are plants; they live and breath, requiring plenty of knowledge to look after. Part of the job is diagnosing what is wrong with a lawn, meaning you need to understand the different components and what is required to make a lawn healthy.

If you’re just starting out in the business, it’s a good idea to read some basic books or take a course. If you’re brand new to the lawn care industry, this can be one of the benefits of investing in a lawn care franchise with Lawnscience, as full training will be provided!


Create a Lawn Care Business Plan


Every business needs a thorough and clear business plan. There are different components needed for your plan, including competitor analysis, customer analysis, marketing, operations and finance. Each component is an essential step towards creating the lawn care business you want.

The financial plans are crucial, but so is looking at the market and your current competition. You need to create a brand around your business and decide how to stand out from the crowd. The lawn care business is competitive and you need to be sure that you can compete with others in the industry.


The Benefits of Buying a Lawn Care Franchise


If you’re interested in starting a lawn care business but feel that you need some further training and support with branding, choosing to buy a lawn care franchise could well be the best decision to make.

The British Franchise Association claims that “The contribution of franchising to the UK economy is now reckoned to be £15.1 billion, an increase of 46% over the past 10 years and up 10% since the last survey in 2013.”

With franchises making an increasing amount of money year on year for the UK economy, franchising your business continues to become a stronger and stronger investment to make.

A reputable lawn care franchise will give a franchisee an in-depth training, full equipment and 24/7 support throughout the entire process of establishing their business. They’ll also offer experience-driven guidance when setting up to prevent any challenges or pitfalls that may arise in the first year of business.

Deciding to invest in a lawn care franchise, rather than starting the business from scratch, can save considerable time and money. The initial upfront costs will quickly feel like a worthwhile investment when you receive support and guidance to help you develop your business.

If you’re determined to start a lawn care business, be sure to do some research and see if a lawn care franchise could work for you.

Want to find out more about starting a lawn care business with Lawnscience? Offering 24/7 support and in-depth training, our lawn care franchise can help you to succeed in your new business.