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Business Formats

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There are two formats that can be used to operate your lawn care business. The first format is “Man-and-a-van”, this is the format that we use to start your business initially. In this format, you will provide the treatments to your customers’ lawns yourself. This format is highly profitable and is the format of choice for some of our franchise partners. We start all of our franchise partners in this format as it is essential for you to really understand the treatments your business applies to its customers’ lawns. It is also a great way to really learn the business and develop great confidence.

It is your choice whether you continue to operate your business as a “Man-and-a-van” or to go on and develop your business into a “Multi-van” operation.

The “Multi- van” operation consists of you as the business manager and one or more technicians, who apply the treatments to the customers’ lawns.

You decide the size of your business and expand when and if you decide to, by growing your customer base and recruiting more technicians to look after your growing customer base. As a “Multi-van” business owner your role changes from making applications to managing the growth and stability of your business.

The format you choose is your decision, we can talk through the pros and cons of each with you.

Call us today on 01908 504664 and we can provide you with an overview of each format for you to consider.

Scott Harrison - Lawnscience Franchise

I love the freedom to decide how to plan my day and to know that I am directly rewarded for my efforts. That’s one of the big advantages of working for yourself, you can manage your time as you see fit and you don’t have to justify your time to anyone except yourself. I became quite cynical about the corporate environment in the build up to leaving my old role and starting my business. I felt that many people were starting to ‘get it’ that working for yourself in a small business strips away the layers of bureaucracy and puts you directly in front of the customer. My business has grown into a multi van operation and I expect it to grow further into one where I will have financial freedom to decide how I live my life and with a eye to the future I’ll be able to offer financial support to my children

Scott Harrison