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Lawnscience lawn care franchise prospectus

Business Formats

4 lawn professionals from Lawnscience having a team meeting in front of their vehicle

There are two formats that can be used to operate your lawn care business. The first format is “Man-and-a-van”, this is the format that we use to start your business initially. In this format, you will provide the treatments to your customers’ lawns yourself. This format is highly profitable and is the format of choice for some of our franchise partners. We start all of our franchise partners in this format as it is essential for you to really understand the treatments your business applies to its customers’ lawns. It is also a great way to really learn the business and develop great confidence.

It is your choice whether you continue to operate your business as a “Man-and-a-van” or to go on and develop your business into a “Multi-van” operation.

The “Multi- van” operation consists of you as the business manager and one or more technicians, who apply the treatments to the customers’ lawns.

You decide the size of your business and expand when and if you decide to, by growing your customer base and recruiting more technicians to look after your growing customer base. As a “Multi-van” business owner your role changes from making applications to managing the growth and stability of your business.

The format you choose is your decision, we can talk through the pros and cons of each with you.

Call us today on 01908 504664 and we can provide you with an overview of each format for you to consider.

Dean Southall - Lawnscience Franchise

I'd run my own business for 8 years before starting my Lawnscience business, so it was no great change for me. I find running my own business tremendously rewarding, I am building something for myself that has long term earnings potential, I don't mind working hard to achieve this. I particularly like the fact that I am in control and whilst I'm busy all the time doing things like business development I really enjoy it. I don't think there are any 9 to 5 jobs out there nowadays and I'd rather be working the hours developing my own business rather than somebody else's. I have a medium term plan for this business which will give me more control over my future. In the short run I'm working very hard to get it established but even now can decide 'how much work' I take on at certain times of the year. I plan to go multi-van next year and continue growing my business. A full- time employee will no doubt present some challenges but also tremendous opportunities. I always enjoyed management so hopefully it's another area of the job that I'll adapt to. If you've never run your own business before then think carefully about whether it's for you. Self-employment makes the good days so much better, but there will be challenging days. You need self-motivation but the training here is excellent so how busy you are will be down to you.

Dean Goodall