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Lawnscience lawn care franchise prospectus

One of the great advantages of a Lawnscience franchise is our computerised operating system.


When we started our business we realised that the right system can make a substantial difference to the ease of operation and the profit generated by a business. We took over two years to research the market, in that time looking at several UK based suppliers, but we couldn’t find one that had a system that would allow us the flexibility and control that we needed. So we went to the USA, the home of lawn care, and found the world’s leading lawn care software provider.

Our system controls all aspects of your business. A customer record is created for each of your customers, this record maintains a history of every treatment ever sold and applied to that customer along with details of every letter, telephone call and conversation sent to or held with that.

The system invoices and manages incoming payments from customers putting you totally in control of your cash management, so at the touch of a button you can see outstanding balances on customers’ accounts.

Unlike any other lawn care system we know of it also plays a vital role the marketing of your business allowing you greater control over the communication with your customers.

As the system is such an integral part of your business we invest a substantial period ensuring you are confident with its use.