Customer Service

Lawnscience lawn care professional talking to a client.


Lawnscience lawn care franchise prospectus

Our aim is quite simply to help you create the highest service lawn care business in your area.


It sounds simple but a great many lawn treatment companies fail when it comes to providing outstanding service. The service you provide to your customers will set you apart from your competition and establish your business as the first choice of homeowners in your area.

We will train you on the skills needed throughout the whole of your interactions with your customers to really deliver outstanding service. We will share our experience on how to manage customer communications on a day to day basis ensuring that you exceed your customer expectations.

We will also ensure that you know how to deal service delivery problems and how to manage them because they occur in all businesses. If managed correctly service delivery problems can reinforce your customer’s view of you as the best in class.

As your reputation grows you will train you how to win new business from friends and neighbours of your current customers, and how to use our systems to encourage and reward the customer who refer you and help you to build your business.