Effective Marketing For Your Lawn Care Business


Lawnscience lawn care franchise prospectus

Effective Marketing


Creating a high quality, service led business is key to success in the lawn care industry, but achieving this alone is not sufficient. To drive customers to your business you will need to develop a marketing plan and ensure that it is implemented throughout the year. Your marketing plan will encompass the classic marketing activities such as leaflet distribution and direct mail as well as newer mediums such as email marketing.

As a Lawnscience franchisee, you will have your own website which we will optimise for you in order to ensure as higher rankings as possible on search engines such as Google. We will also create a Google places listing to maximise your businesses visibility on local Google searches.

Effective and efficient marketing will be key to the growth of your business, that’s why we dedicate a substantial part of your training to mastering this area.

Getting the attention of your potential customer is only the first step in securing a long-term relationship, it’s important to master the art of quoting in order that you can win new customers, so we spend a considerable amount of time training you on the most effective ways to present your business and provide quotations. We also cover ongoing marketing to your established customer base.