Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a demand for lawn care services?


Yes, the lawn care industry is a large and growing market, most people these days are busy, and if they can get a lawn professional to do high-quality work for a reasonable price they’ll jump at the chance.


Will it be difficult to recruit customers for the new lawn care business?


No, we have tried and tested systems for marketing our business, as long as you follow our system your lawn care business will grow.


Do I need to have experience of horticulture or lawn care?


No, we will give you full training in all aspects of domestic lawn care.


I’ve never run my own business before can anyone do it?


Most people never enjoy the freedom of running their own business. Yes, there are challenges, but we support you every step of the way so there is no need to worry. Every year we establish about five new Lawnscience lawn care businesses.


How will you train me to run my new lawn care business?


Our training is the most comprehensive in the industry and 50% longer than our competition. We train you in every aspect of your new business at a pace which you are comfortable with. We feel it is vital that you are confident about your new lawn care business.


How will you support me?


The key to good support is making sure that you understand the lawn care business well in the first place, that’s why we take longer with your initial training. It’s important to ensure that you get comfortable with all aspects of the lawn care business right at the start.

We then visit you in the field, these visits are not spent in the office but on site working with you to ensure that you have really understood your initial training and are putting it into practice. We provide support 24/7 if you have an issue you need help with you can call us anytime, we’ll be happy to discuss it and make sure you are on the right track.

Finally, we have meetings and teleconferences throughout the year, at these we discuss new issues which might have arisen, but they are also a great way to meet your colleagues.


How can I be sure that I’m capable of running a lawn care business?


That’s really easy; you don’t have to be sure because we will be. As an ethical franchisor it is not in our interest to sell franchises to people who are not capable of making them successful. So as we move through the membership process we will be assessing you, just as much as you will be assessing us. If we really believe that you will not succeed we be honest with you and discuss our reasons and will not let you purchase a lawn care franchise from us.


What can I really expect to earn?


As with any business, you get out what you put in, so your earning level is really dictated by you, but as a single van operator you should be capable of generating revenues in excess of £40,000 per annum, even more, if you develop your lawn care business to a multi-van operation.


Do I have to pay a royalty fee?


Yes, as with any franchise you have to contribute towards the central costs of the business, such as support and marketing, our fees are the lowest in the industry starting at 10% and reducing to 6.5% as your lawn care business grows. We only charge our lawn care franchise fee on a quarterly basis to help with your cash-flow.


Will I be able to speak with your current franchisees?


Yes, before you decide to purchase your lawn care franchise you will be able to speak with all of our current franchisees, in fact, we will insist that you do.


Lawnscience Lawn Care Franchise Prospectus

Dean Southall - Lawnscience Franchise

I'd run my own business for 8 years before starting my Lawnscience business, so it was no great change for me. I find running my own business tremendously rewarding, I am building something for myself that has long term earnings potential, I don't mind working hard to achieve this. I particularly like the fact that I am in control and whilst I'm busy all the time doing things like business development I really enjoy it. I don't think there are any 9 to 5 jobs out there nowadays and I'd rather be working the hours developing my own business rather than somebody else's. I have a medium term plan for this business which will give me more control over my future. In the short run I'm working very hard to get it established but even now can decide 'how much work' I take on at certain times of the year. I plan to go multi-van next year and continue growing my business. A full- time employee will no doubt present some challenges but also tremendous opportunities. I always enjoyed management so hopefully it's another area of the job that I'll adapt to. If you've never run your own business before then think carefully about whether it's for you. Self-employment makes the good days so much better, but there will be challenging days. You need self-motivation but the training here is excellent so how busy you are will be down to you.

Dean Goodall