Next Steps In Owning Your Own Lawn Care Business

Your investment in your future is an important decision and one not to be taken lightly, we understand this, at every stage of your journey you control the decision timescale.

Lawnscience is committed to ethical franchising so you can be assured that we will supply you with accurate information upon which you can base your decision.

We have a 7-Step process to owning a Lawnscience lawn care franchise:


Step One

Obtain a copy of our lawn care franchise prospectus; it contains more information about our lawn care business opportunity.

Step Two

Let’s schedule a no-obligation talk, if we are going to work together we need to get to know one another. We can also answer your initial questions at this stage

Step Three

Come and see us at Milton Keynes, we will explain the lawn care business to you in detail and answer any questions that you may have. if you have a partner they are welcome to attend this meeting

Step Four

Talk with our partners and see how they rate their Lawnscience lawn care businesses.

Step Five

We can get to work with you to create your personalised territory. At this stage, your local knowledge will be invaluable to make sure you get the best territory in your area.

Step Six

When you are completely happy and have had time to get your agreement scrutinised by your legal advisor, sign your lawn care franchise contract securing your protected territory.

Step Seven

Your training begins and you are off!

If you think a Lawnscience lawn care business might be the right opportunity for you, call 01908 504664 today.


Lawnscience Lawn Care Franchise Prospectus



Scott Harrison - Lawnscience Franchise

I love the freedom to decide how to plan my day and to know that I am directly rewarded for my efforts. That’s one of the big advantages of working for yourself, you can manage your time as you see fit and you don’t have to justify your time to anyone except yourself. I became quite cynical about the corporate environment in the build up to leaving my old role and starting my business. I felt that many people were starting to ‘get it’ that working for yourself in a small business strips away the layers of bureaucracy and puts you directly in front of the customer. My business has grown into a multi van operation and I expect it to grow further into one where I will have financial freedom to decide how I live my life and with a eye to the future I’ll be able to offer financial support to my children

Scott Harrison