Glenrothes Lawn Care

Terry Nicholson LawnscienceHi, my name’s Terry Nicholson.

Are you interested in running a lawn care business in Glenrothes? If you are, but you’re hesitant to take that first step, there may be a few things holding you back. Perhaps you wonder if it would be profitable enough, or worry that you don’t have enough computer or business expertise to market yourself effectively.

At Lawnscience Lawn Care, we can help. We have been established for over 12 years, so we know that lawn care is still an expanding market; that’s why we need to recruit more Franchisees.

Become our Franchisee in Glenrothes and you can enjoy the independence of running your own business while enjoying our full support. We will give you any lawn care training you need, arrange an extensive marketing campaign – both on the web and via mail – and ensure you have your own legally protected territory in which to operate.

You can choose whether to be a hands-on Franchisee if working outside appeals to you, or run a management Franchise, working on the business side of things indoors. We will explain both these options fully before any decisions are made.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’ll be amazed at what else we offer you. To find out, please contact me today on 01908 504664 or 07748 358009 or email me at