Hagley Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceDo you enjoy your garden and often wonder why it is so difficult to have a weed free lawn? We are the answer to making your life easier in Hagley!!

My Name is Scott Harrison and I provide a regular Lawn Care service in Hagley.

Lawn Care is a generic term we use which is not a lawn cutting service, but a treatment programme designed to ensure your lawn is weed free and the grass grows far better and more even than if it was left to its own devices. If left, a lawn will end up being a third grass, a third weed and a third moss. This is because it’s a competitive environment for the three species all vying for the same patch of ground. This is where we come in, as our products feed the grass to make it grow stronger in Hagley, more even coverage and a deeper green than it would without its nutrient feed, kills all varieties of lawn weeds and controls the on-set of moss with the aim of giving grass every chance to be the dominant player in the lawn.

We can help with the basics of ensuring the lawn is weed free and well fertilised to complete lawn renovation, which is far cheaper than a re-turfing of the lawn. A renovation, consists of killing the moss, removing it through a process called scarification which uses a machine that scratches out all the dead material in the turf, applying fresh grass seed and feeding. All this is completed at the correct time
window in the year to the ensure the best results possible.

If you are interested in having a no obligation competitive quote from a local tradesman, then please call me on 01562 710 386 or mobile 0757 083 3000.