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Hampton in Arden Lawn CareHi, my name is Phil Harrison and I own and operate Hampton-in-Arden lawn care, your local professional lawn care company.

Lawns are needy, they are not easy to look after and things are becoming more difficult year on year for experienced gardeners and keen DIY enthusiasts.

Our ever changing climate is one factor. The recent cool Springs, dry Summers and long warm, very wet Autumns and Winters are the major culprits in making things tough for you and your lawns.

Lawn pests such as Leather jackets and Chafer Grubs are thriving, providing ample food for Crows and Magpies but with the potentially devastating damage their pecking can cause to our lawns.

Lawn fungal diseases such as Red Thread, Fusarium Rust and Anthracnose are a constant menace.
All of these factors mean the traditional Spring and Autumn feed just does not provide the lawn with its annual needs and Landscaping companies are making a fortune unnecessarily re-laying tired and worn out lawns. This is where Lawnscience Hampton-In-Arden lawn care can help.

Hampton-in-Arden Lawn Care Offer you a 100% Service Guarantee

If you have a lawn that needs some help then give us a call. We provide weed and fertilisation  programmes. In addition, we can address the cultural side of things with lawn aeration, scarification and over seeding to thicken up lawns or even a total lawn renovation. Whatever your lawn needs we can help. Our lawn care treatment programmes are tailor made for you and your lawn.

Please see more about Hampton-in-Arden lawn care Services and Treatment Programmes here.


Please call me, Phil Harrison today on Tel: 0121 416 0021 or Mobile: 07917 004450 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and get started to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.