Harborne Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceAt Lawnscience, Harborne, we provide an annual lawn treatment process, which ensures
you have the best possible looking lawn all year round. It’s still a growing industry so many
people aren’t aware a service like ours exists.
The way we work is to complete an assessment of your lawns current condition and the way you use it. i.e. Do you have a young family or Pets or are you looking for an ornamental showpiece for your garden? We then build-up a plan based on your requirements. The plan doesn’t include cutting the grass – we leave this to you or your gardeners. We specialise in feeding the lawn, which changes throughout the year so for example in the spring the feed has a high Nitrogen content for strong growth, but in the Autumn, it changes to Potassium for strengthening the grass for the oncoming winter. In addition to the feeding, we control all types of lawn weed and tackle moss with the aim that the only plant in the lawn is grass!
The products used are not on sale in garden centres, however, the cost to apply per treatment is similar, so this provides a lush, weed-free and fertilised lawn – and all you need do is cut it!
We can also help with more major work on a lawn if it is in a poor condition in Harborne, this work is always completed at the correct time in the year so that it ensures the best results possible. This could be either a scarification which removes dead material from the thatch layer or perhaps an aeration to increase the oxygen in the root zone which is very beneficial for lawns if there’s ground compaction.
Please give me a call on 0757 083 3000 and I will provide a no obligation lawn quotation for the individual needs of your lawn.
Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Harborne