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Treat yourself to a beautiful looking lawn today and let Lawnscience do the hard work for you!

Have you ever looked at your lawn, and just wished someone would come and fix it for you?! That’s exactly what Lawnscience is, a local company that specialises in providing lawncare services allowing our customers to achieve their lawncare dreams without having to spend endless hours doing the work themselves! When treatment prices can be as low as £20, what is stopping you? Call me today to a FREE no-obligation review of your lawn.

Hi – I’m Nigel, your local Lawnscience representative providing lawn care services to Highclere, Woolton Hill, Penwood, Ashmansworth, Crux Easton (and beyond!). There’s nothing better than a beautiful lawn to complement the beautiful houses in the North Hampshire countryside, and that’s exactly what I can give you! At Lawnscience we provide the most up to date technology and science to all your lawncare needs, ensuring that all our customers get a friendly and professional service.

Lawns are living things, and as such need to be giving the right ingredients in order to thrive and grow. Successful lawn growth can be hampered by a number of issues; the weather, underlying soil conditions, pest invasions, diseases and not to mention those unsightly weeds and moss! Resolving lawn issues, or even just maintaining your current lawn standard can often prove too time consuming even for the most avid gardener. Why not therefore turn your garden over to Lawnscience, and see your lawn in the condition you deserve! Also, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee you can have the added comfort that you’ll see the difference with Lawnscience…. if you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll return and give you a further lawn treatment free of charge!

I’m expert at providing many lawncare services, including:

– Fertiliser and Herbicide treatments to “Feed and Weed” your lawn
– Scarification to dislodge thatch or moss followed by Over-seeding
– Aerations, both Hollow-tine and Solid- tine to assist healthy root growth and improve drainage issues
– Total Weed solutions
– Treatments to control Moss
– Top Dressings / Soil Conditioners / Water conservers
– Fungal disease solutions, (e.g. Red Thread / Fusarium / Toadstools / Fairy Rings)

I can even deal with any wasp pest issues you have, even if they aren’t connected to your lawn!

So, to get results the Lawnscience way, call me today to arrange your FREE NO-OBLIGATION lawn review!

1) Call Nigel on 01256 213000, or
2) Text LAWN to 07970 404495, or
3) email me at nigel@lawnscience.co.uk.