Inverness Lawn Care

Terry Nicholson LawnscienceHello, my name’s Terry Nicholson, and I’d like to tell you why a Lawnscience Lawn Care Franchise is a great basis for starting your own business.

Lawnscience’s success over the past 12 years is not only a testament to our high standards, but also to the lawn care market’s growth, even in the economic downturn. That’s why we are confident that with our support and your hard work, you could run your own profitable lawn care business in Inverness and we urgently need Franchisees in the Inverness area.

As a Lawnscience Franchisee you’ll be given your own legally protected territory, and it won’t be an off-the-shelf one defined by us – we will take into account where you are based and where you wish to operate. After a full programme of training, you will be confident in your ability to provide our wide range of lawn care services, and our great marketing strategy will let potential customers know all about your new business.

For more information about Lawnscience Franchises, please contact me today on 01908 504664 or 07748 358009 or email me at