Kirknewton Lawn Care

Kirknewton lawn careCreating great looking lawns for people just like you is what Kirknewton lawn care do best. Our Lawn Care Service will find the right solution for your lawn at a cost that is more affordable than you imagine.

Just CONTACT US for your FREE No Obligation Lawn Review and quote. You will get a friendly, qualified professional who will take care of your lawn, turning it into a lawn you will be proud of at a price you can afford.


Before we start the process of improving your lawn we fully inspect it to understand its current condition and that of the soil beneath it.


Having completed the FREE Review we will talk you through the results so you are aware of any issues affecting your lawn and how these issues can be resolved.

We regularly come across weedy, mossy lawns where the owners have simply given up trying to improve their lawns appearance. But to a professional these issues can be eradicated with the appropriate treatment plan.

We will work with you to get a tailor made programme or one off treatment, all at a competitive price, so your lawn will look lush green and healthy.

Kirknewton lawn care services come with a 100% Guarantee!


Lawns that look unhealthy and tired are most likely lawns that are suffering from a lack of nutrients. Understanding what is going on in the grass root zone is the first step to improve your lawn.

A Lawn Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments that we carry out on our Customer’s lawns. Aeration injects oxygen into your lawn’s root zone. It helps to promote microbial activity resulting in a stronger and much healthier root structure. The results are a stronger, lusher looking lawn.

We will provide you with the perfect solution no matter what issue your lawn has. From Weed control to Scarification to Over-Seeding, you can rely on us for a full range of quality treatments.

Knowing you can trust your lawn care company is important. Your lawn will be in safe hands with us ….if you are not happy with a lawn treatment, we will re-treat it for FREE.

Please call me today on Tel: 0131 4762878 or 07951 486884 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way to a Great Lawn’ box to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.


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