If your lawn is suffering with compaction then Aeration is the perfect solution.

Lawn care Aeration is key to achieving a lush healthy lawn. I can carry out a comprehensive review of your lawn which will include a compaction test. If your lawn is suffering from compaction it can severely impact the ability of the grass to grow and develop to its optimum. Roots grow in the air spaces in the soil rather than in the soil itself. A compacted soil retains little air or water and is not able to sustain a normal and healthy population of microbes.  Lawn Aeration alleviates soil compaction and creates small air pockets with in the soil allowing oxygen to move freely through the profile.

A common mistake is to solely focus on the grass above ground and not worry about the roots beneath ground. The root zone is where the real work happens and it is important to maintain a healthy plant root. Roots extract the water and nutrients from the soil, transferring them into the plant in order that the process of photosynthesis can take place and the plant can produce the food it requires, by using the energy from the sun.

I can offer two types of Aeration; Solid tine or hollow core. Solid tining breaks up the compacted soil within the root zone area of the soil whereas hollow coring removes compacted soil from the root zone. I will be happy to test your lawn and advise the most appropriate option needed.

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