Your drives and patios cleaned in North Notts / Lincs / South Yorkshire

Your drives and patios cleaned in North Notts / Lincs / South Yorkshire


PATIO and DRIVE cleaner - No moss or mould!

Hard Surface Moss and Mould Control. Patio and drive cleaner for you!

Stop slimey slippery paths and patios … PREVENT ACCIDENTS!

I was a client of Greenthumb for many years. Recently the local franchise disappeared and they went corporate. Contact was via a call centre. Need I say more. I then found James. I can message him personally and I get an answer in minutes. He is the man. He does my lawn. Adaptable. Pragmatic. Efficient. And I have a brilliant lawn. Mr Hall.

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Do your patios, driveways, and paths have moss and mould? Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons to apply an effective treatment to rid your hard surfaces of these dangerous menaces. We can apply an effective treatment, suitable for outdoor hard surfaces and external walls. Your hard surfaces will be pristine with our patio and drive cleaner.

An easy and effective way to treat and prevent mould, algae and grime on hard surfaces.

Stops slimy surfaces from becoming a dangerous trip hazard!

Readily biodegradable & safe for children and pets. 

Does not contain bleach or acids.

No destructive power washing or mess!

Works efficiently- typically 2-4 days.

Prevents re-growth for an extended period of time.

Our hard surface moss killers can be used for both home and commercial purposes to remove moss on roofs, driveways, paths, tarmac, UPVC, Metalwork and artificial surfaces. Moss, algae, liverwort, lichen and mould on hard surfaces can not only look unsightly, but they can also cause a slip hazard, block drains or keeps areas unnecessarily damp. 

Old-fashioned elbow grease and a stiff brush will remove the moss, algae and mould however this won’t effectively clean the hard surface, remove stains and discolouring or control moss regrowth. The only effective way to properly control moss on hard surfaces is with a professional moss killer or biocide. Also if a treatment is not applied after manual removal then you could worsen the moss problem by spreading the spores.

I cover North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire.


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