The use of fertilisers through-out the year is vital in maintaining a healthy lush green lawn.

fertiliser spreader applying fertiliser to a lawn

Fertilisers are concentrated sources of plant nutrients, usually in the form of compacted granules or liquids. They are used to improve plant health and encourage consistent healthy growth. Through-out the year your lawns needs will change so it is vital to give your lawn the correct products at the correct time.

Most fertilisers contain major plant nutrients, which plants need in relatively large amounts. Some also contain trace elements, which plants only need in tiny amounts.

Most fertilisers are based on the three major plant nutrients:
Nitrogen (N): For green leafy growth
Phosphorus (P): For healthy root and shoot growth
Potassium (K): For flowering, fruiting and general hardiness

All fertilisers should quote their N:P:K ratio on the product packaging. It is key to apply the correct fertiliser at the right time and at the correct rate. Here at Lawnscience our qualified experts can apply these products via a spreader or a knapsack, both application methods are equally effective and we Guarantee great results!

Proper use of the correct fertilisers will keep your lawn in excellent condition and will encourage strong, dense and even coverage.

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