Lawn Aeration in Wittering

Lawn Aeration in Wittering

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So, you want a Lawn Aeration?

We can provide a Lawn Aeration with an aerator and it’s really quick to fill out the 3 boxes to the right of this page. Then click ‘Request Call Back’ by clicking the orange box. We will be in touch by the end of today, or early tomorrow.

How do we Aerate Lawns?

We use an industrial, petrol driven Aerator, although we need to decide which of the two types of aeration are required. The options are for a Hollow Tine Aeration or a Solid Tine Aeration.

As you know, billions of bacteria live in the root zone, they play a vital role in maintaining the health and efficiency of the root system and in order to do this they need a supply of oxygen.

Soil naturally contains oxygen, but over time it can be reduced due to soil settlement and compaction.

Lawn Aeration creates channels in the root zone allowing oxygen to circulate and refresh the beneficial bacteria. The healthier the root zone, the healthier the lawn

Lawn aeration
Aerating a lawn

When is a Hollow Tine Aeration required?

We can assess this on the day using a soil compaction meter. However, in general terms, a highly compacted soil structure will require a Hollow Tine Aeration.

This leaves ‘core spaces’ in the soil so that the surrounding compacted soil can slowly fill in the holes thus relieving compaction in the immediate surrounding areas.

Soil plugs are extracted and collected which are left on your premises either bagged up or deposited in your garden bin. Please advise your preferences.

When is a Solid Tine Aeration required?

Again, we can assess this on the day using a soil compaction meter. However, in general terms, if the lawn soil is not compacted then it will only require a Solid Tine Aeration.

This simply punches holes into the soil and no cores are produced.

Things to be aware of

The aerator and our boots will pick up soil from your lawn and likely deposit some on your patio, paths and driveway. We shall try to minimise this but debris will inevitably occur.

We also do Lawn Care

Please download our FREE Lawn Care Guide which gives you great advice on how to look after your lawn and other services that we provide. Click Here

Our Sponsorship Partner – Air Ambulance

We sponsor your local Air Ambulance in Wittering.

We will donate £20 to Air Ambulance if you refer neighbours, friends or family for lawn care
Recommend a friend and we donate £20 to Air Ambulance

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    Absolutely brilliant service. Our lawn has never looked so good so thank you xxxx
    Tina Harrison
    Tina Harrison
    This guy provides an excellent service all year round. Though my lawn is small, it is often commented on during the months we are able to...
    Steve Markham
    Steve Markham
    Been using Lawnscience for years, excellent service. I recommend them.
    Ron Coleman
    Ron Coleman
    Always did the job efficiently and was helpful in any way he good.
    richard ayres
    richard ayres
    Cant fault Lawnscience whatsoever. Great guys to work with. All very polite, hardworking and very knowledgeable of their products. 5* service, 5* product and very much...
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    Nella Palamara
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