Lawnscience North Wessex Downs Wasp Control

Lawnscience North Wessex Downs Wasp Control

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Clear the pesky wasps, enjoy your home and garden again!

Wasp control

At lawnscience we offer a wasp treatment service, to provide our customers with a service to quickly remove wasps. We understand how these pests can really disrupt your living space.

If you are unlucky enough to have a wasps nest in your home or garden don’t worry. Lawnscience can help, just give me a call.

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A guide to help reduce wasps!

Wasps can easily spoil the time you spend in your garden enjoying picnics or barbeques, however, you can reduce the potential problem by taking a few precautions. Wasps like water, flowers, and food so a little planning can reduce the chance of a spoilt party.


Just like us, wasps need the odd drink, especially during warm weather, positioning your table away from pools and ponds will reduce the chance of them disturbing your meal.


We all love flowers and so do wasps, they not only munch on the insects that live on the flowers, but they also love the sweet nectar produced by the flowers. Choose red flowers to adorn your table as they don’t like warm red colours. Also, Marigolds, Roses, and Geraniums are good choices because they tend not to provide the most attractive feeding options for wasps.


Keep food under wraps as much as possible and make sure that scraps and liquid spills are cleaned up straight away.

Lawnscience supports the RHS Gardening Charity

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Lawnscience North Wessex Downs offer a wide range of treatments!

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