Effective Lawn Fertilisation

Effective Lawn Fertilisation


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Our Technicians are trained and qualified to apply the same fertilisers and herbicides that are applied to leading sports venues around the UK. Get the same quality products for a quarter of the price. North Nottinghamshire Lawn Fertilisation have the right products for your lawn.

I was a client of Greenthumb for many years. Recently the local franchise disappeared and they went corporate. Contact was via a call centre. Need I say more. I then found James. I can message him personally and I get an answer in minutes. He is the man. He does my lawn. Adaptable. Pragmatic. Efficient. And I have a brilliant lawn. Mr Hall.

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The lawns in North Nottinghamshire today are not as natural as we think. Grass naturally thrives in a “polyculture’ an environment in which different plant species exist. In polycultures, various species tend to help each other survive. An example would be clover and grass. Clover has symbiotic bacteria within its root system enabling it to “fix” Nitrogen. This is helpful to the grass as it converts atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates, which can be utilised by the grasses’ roots. Clover roots are also deep. These roots store carbon and move nutrients up higher in the soil profile, where the grasses’ shallow roots can access them. The lawns we desire are “monocultures”. We create them to suppress species we consider undesirable, such as weeds. Monocultures are not natural environments for grass, therefore we need to assist the grass by supplying nutrients.

Have the lawn of your dreams and be the envy of your neighbours without all the hard work. North Nottinghamshire Lawn Fertilisation make this a reality for our customers every day and we can make it a reality for you, so why wait?

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Here at Lawnscience, your local expert lawn care provider, we use our years of lawn care experience to get you the lawn of your dreams!

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