Patio and Drive Jet Wash in New England

Patio and Drive Jet Wash in New England

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So, your Patio or Drive needs jet washing?

We can jet wash your patio & drive and it’s quick to fill out the 3 boxes to the right of this page. Then click ‘Request Call Back’ by clicking the orange box. We will be in touch by the end of today, or early tomorrow.

How do we do patios and drives?

We use an industrial, petrol driven pressure pump connected to a circular patio & drive surface cleaner. Have a quick look at the time lapse video below.

This image shows how effective jet washing cleans a patio or drive
Patio jet wash

What do we need?

All we need is access to an outside tap.

How should the patio be prepared?

Before we arrive, it would be most helpful if you could remove furniture, plant pots, ornaments etc.

We can help with the heavy stuff and can work around really heavy objects or try to shuffle them around, putting them back as best we can so the process is most effective.

Things to be aware of

The patio & drive jet washing process involves a lot of water and a lot of muck so this will inevitably leave marks on walls, windows, doors and anything else external.

There will be areas where mucky water will not drain away and so the surfaces will remain looking relatively untidy (though clean) and this can only be left by us at the end of the day.

Gentle rain will slowly wash it away in between the gaps of the slabs or blocks but we shall do our best to make things as best we can, given the physical limitations of each situation.

What we don’t do

We do not re-sand. If this is what you want then we advise you to do it yourself using kiln dry sand. It should only be applied when the surfaces and vertical gaps/voids are 100% dry. This will defiantly not be immediately after patio & drive jet washing, for obvious reasons.

We also do Lawn Care

Please download our FREE Lawn Care Guide which gives you great advice on how to look after your lawn and other services that we provide. Click Here

Our Sponsorship Partner – Air Ambulance

We sponsor your local Air Ambulance in New England.

We will donate £20 to Air Ambulance if you refer neighbours, friends or family for lawn care
Recommend a friend and we donate £20 to Air Ambulance

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