Looking After Your Soil

When we think about looking after our lawns we tend to think of mowing, fertilising and watering, but the soil beneath our lawn sometimes gets forgotten and this can be a serious mistake. After all, it’s within the soil that many of the vital chemical processes that provide nourishment for the grass plant actually happen.

Within the soil beneath our lawns live billions of beneficial bacteria, it’s these beneficial bacteria that drive many of the processes essential for the health of the grass plant such as the mineralisation of elements within the soil which are essential for a healthy grass plant.

Keeping soil bacteria healthy is really easy, they love oxygen! A regular injection of fresh oxygen into the root zone can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for the health of your grass. How do you achieve this? Aeration, the process of driving thousands of holes into the surface of your lawn. These holes let fresh oxygen penetrate right into the root zone were the beneficial microbes live.