Fairy Rings

Lawn infested with Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings can ruin the look of an otherwise fine lawn.

Although they are called Fairy Rings the damage is not always visible in a full circle, arcs of damage in lawns are sometimes attributable to a fairy ring infection. Quite often the cause is deep in the soil, a rotting tree stump, which was not removed, starts to develop mycelial fungal spores which cause the soil to become hydrophobic, repelling water, which leads to the dying of the lawn and sometimes the development of mushrooms within the ring or arc.

Fairy Rings can be very difficult to resolve. A potential solution is the application of a wetting agent to remove the waxy substance covering the soil particles which make it hydrophobic.  However, this is not always successful and in certain cases, the only way to resolve the Fairy Ring is to completely remove the soil which contains the mycelial fungal spores. If this route is taken it is essential that all the spores are removed as any left will cause the Fairy Ring to return in time.


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