Lawn Compaction

a lawn with lawn compaction issues

At some point in time, your lawn will suffer from lawn compaction. It may be due to foot traffic, pets, children playing on the lawn or even the process of mowing your lawn, but whatever the cause your lawn will become compacted. It’s not actually the lawn that becomes compacted, but the soil beneath the lawns surface that suffers from compaction. Normally the soil beneath your lawn is made up of a healthy balance of soil particles interspersed with air pores. These air pores contain oxygen, which is essential for the health of the root system and enables water and nutrients to travel through the soil profile. The grass roots also make use of these air pores as channels in which they can grow. When soil is compacted these air pores are compressed reducing the supply of oxygen to the root system and restricting the flow of water and nutrients through the soil profile.

Certain soils, such as those containing clay particles are more prone to Compaction.

Common signs of Lawn Compaction are the thinning of the grass surface and the invasion of shallow rooting weeds. Compaction can be relieved by hollow core aeration.

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