Fertilisation And Weed Control Treatments

Spring Treatment

We improve your lawns colour and health by applying a carefully selected, granular, non-scorch slow release fertiliser which gently feeds your lawn during its initial growth stage. We also apply a low temperature liquid herbicide to stop early weed development.

Early Summer Treatment

Development of a lush, deep green, lawn is achieved by a second application of a slow release fertiliser. Once again the selection of the fertiliser is based on your lawns current condition. We apply a selected herbicide that targets specific weed varieties.

Late Summer Treatment

Maintaining lawn quality through summer is achieved by a third fertiliser, which could be in granular or liquid form dependent on weather conditions. After careful inspection it may be necessary to apply a further herbicide treatment to maintain your weed-free lawn.


Lawn colour and thickness is maintained by our autumn fertiliser which also focuses on the root development requirements of your lawn. We inspect your lawn and apply an herbicide if required.


The focus at this time of the year is on the control of moss, toughening of the grass and maintenance of the a dark, lush colour. You will always be kept up to date on your lawns condition, during all visits we take care to inspect your lawn for pest and disease issues advising you when necessary of any issues that require resolution.

Organic Treatments

Obtain a lush lawn organically using our organic fertilisation regime.

If you would like further details please contact us.