Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services

lawn and garden pest control servicesWorried about Wasps nesting around your garden and lawn?  Are Ants & Moles spoiling the look of your lawn?  Don’t hesitate…CONTACT US NOW we will provide you with professional Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services * that will solve these problems for you.



The advantages of having an attractive lawn and garden can be easily ruined from nuisance and annoying lawn pests.

In the past we have had requests from our customers asking for help, to rid their gardens and lawns of these annoying pests.  Consequently, in response, we developed our Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services.*

In the UK we find the majority of people experience problems with Lawn Pests such as Lawn Ants, Wasps and Moles at some time or another.


Lawn Ants can be a real problem in your lawn and surrounding garden.  Ants work themselves underneath your paving and patios and other hard surfaces. Some species of Lawn Ants dig down to a metre or more. Can you imagine the damage that multiple nests of Ants can do around your garden?

Just one Wasp can cause many of us to run around hysterically waving our arms in the air…..just imagine what a whole nest could do? They attack in numbers if disturbed or if they feel threatened. Most of all, Wasps are not just a nuisance to you and your family, but they can be a real danger too, because their stings are very painful and some people will react violently to being stung.

Moles can ruin the look of your lawn causing a lot of damage, as a consequence will be expensive to repair.  They live in a system of tunnels and feed on insects and earthworms that fall into their tunnels. The majority of gardeners find Moles to be a real pest, especially in their lawns!  They can quickly establish themselves in a lawn and in addition they can burrow up to 4 metres an hour. Furthermore, they will create complex tunnel systems.

We currently offer Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services* for Ants, Wasps and Moles. All of our professionals who provide Garden Pest Control Services are fully trained and certified in the correct application of insecticides or mechanical traps where appropriate.


Suffering from lawn and garden pests?  Why not take advantage of the Lawnscience Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services? * One of our fully trained professionals will arrange your FREE LAWN REVIEW. During the review they will identify any issue(s) and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us.

* Lawn and Garden Pest Control Services are not offered by all Lawnscience locations, please check with your local office.