Wasps In Roofs

Wasps in roofs

Wasps start to make their nests in spring and quite often they choose to live in our roofs, making this the most common place that you will come across wasp nests in your home. They will easily find access into the roof void either under roof tiles or via a gap in flashing. Once inside the roof void they start to grow the nest uninterrupted. It is not uncommon to see roof void nests two feet in diameter.

Treating a roof void nest is not a DIY job due to the difficulty of vacating the roof space if the nest drops whilst being treated.

But don’t worry our Lawnscience wasp technicians are fully trained to treat wasp nests in all areas including roof voids so just call the number at the top of this page or fill in your details in the form on the right and we’ll contact you.

We can normally arrange a same day visit.

Our wasp treatments are fully guaranteed to be completely effective because we use the finest insecticides available to the professional market. Once we have treated a wasp nest it extremely rare for the wasps to return, but if they do within 6 months, we re-treat free of charge.