Standard Treatments

Standard Treatments

Our Standard Treatments Programme is designed to quickly improve the quality of your lawn and to eradicate any weeds.  Your lawn will get what it needs at the right time throughout the year at a cost far less than you think. CONTACT US NOW to get started!


The Standard Treatments Programme consists of five beneficial treatments.  These will be applied at the right time of the year for your lawn’s health and appearance.  We will work with you so any treatments can be amended to suit your lawns condition and your budget.

Spring Treatment


As your lawn emerges from its Winter dormancy its requirement for nutrients starts to increase. This is the perfect time for an application of your first annual fertiliser containing Nitrogen and Magnesium. These two nutrients gently manage the early growth of your lawn and at the same time improve its colour. A selective herbicide is applied to your lawn to control early weed germination.

We review the condition of your lawn concentrating on the prevention of lawn disease and insect attack.

Early Summer Treatment


At this time of the year your lawn is in its peak growth period. As a result, your lawn requires an additional Nitrogen boost along with other nutrients in order to maintain its lush green colour. We also apply a selective herbicide treatment to manage the more difficult weeds.

We review the condition of your lawn concentrating on cutting heights and irrigation.

Late Summer Treatment


Over Summer your lawn’s growth rate slows down, as a result of the warm weather. However, it still has a requirement for a balanced fertilisation application. At this time of the year we pay careful attention to the local weather conditions and will either apply a granular or liquid treatment, whichever is the most appropriate for your lawn.  A spot herbicide treatment is applied to any stubborn weeds that may remain in your lawn.

We review the condition of your lawn concentrating on sward density and soil condition.

Autumn Treatment


During the Autumn months the fertilisation requirements of your lawn changes. So we use a granular fertiliser containing less Nitrogen and increased levels of Potassium to toughen up the cells walls and provide protection against fungal disease.

We review your lawn’s condition concentrating on sward density and soil condition.

Winter Treatment


Our Winter Treatment focuses on the control of moss. This application does not stimulate growth during this dormant stage but maintains a dark green colour.

We review your lawn’s condition for any potential fungal disease.